Liam’s new talent

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So I figured that if I didn’t write this down I would forget it.  Liam was taking his bath on Saturday night.  He has a lot of fun playing with the bubbles, drinking the water while it comes out of the faucet, and even sometimes eating the bubbles.  Now, I know that for some parents they would be appalled that I would not be bothered by him eating or drinking the bubbles, but they might be more bothered that I don’t care if he pees while taking his bath.  Half the time, I don’t even realize he is doing it and right now it seems like too much effort to try and remove him from it and drain the water, plus a waste of water.  Now of course if he poops, I will take him out clean the tub and then rinse him back off, but for pees, I don’t really care. 

Well, Saturday, I discovered that Liam has been watching Damon more frequently with his aiming skills while using the restroom.  Liam, while in the bathtub, stands up, takes his foam letter R in one hand, his penis in the other and proceeds to pee in the whole in the letter R.  He was very proud of himself.  He then did it two more times while in the bath. 

How he had that much urine in him for a twenty minute bath, I don’t know.  I just started cracking up, probably reinforcing the behaviour, but I don’t care, it was funny.


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