My first homemade sweater

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I finished my first sweater for Liam today.  I had some snags along the way, but it is done and Liam looks adorable in it.  Plus it is a little big so he has some room to grow.  I’ve been taking knitting classes in town since August and I’ve made a scarf, hat, diaper cover and Liam sized sweater.  I’m working on a neck/scarf thing for myself now and will be soon starting some Christmas presents.  Knitting is a lot of fun, but a lot more expensive that I initially thought it would be.  Ohh, well, it is portable and I like being able to knit anywhere. The funny thing about this sweater is that every time I put in on Liam, he wants to lay down and be spun around.  We did that with him when we put on his dog costume for Halloween and I guess because the sweater is so bulky, he thinks he should get to spin.



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