Born in the USA by Marsden Wagner

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I’m a few chapters in to reading Born in the USA by Marsden Wagner.  I’ve seen him on various birth documentaries and didn’t think too much about him.  He is a doctor and medical scientist.  So far, I’m really enjoying the book.  It gives insight into the minds of obstetricians and what appears to be almost like a fraternal boys club.  One in which they stand behind one another, regardless of what is done to women and their babies, mainly because they are fearful for their own livelihoods if they were to speak out.

I’m reading about c-sections and epidurals right now.  Most of the information I am already aware of.  I’m thankful that I am planning another home birth. I would be very stressed right now, knowing that I would have to fight for every little thing if I was in a hospital setting.  At least here in Southeast TN. I’m frustrated that so many women don’t know about these practices that occur everyday in our hospitals.  Maybe they don’t want to know.

I’ll write more about this book as I continue to read.  If you want some other good reading on birth in the United States, read Pushed.  Awesome book.


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