Visualizing the birth of our second child

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It’s 2 am, I wake up and go to the restroom.  My stomach feels nervous and crampy.  I use the restroom and to my surprise, a bit of show is there.  My baby is coming.  I take my iPod and head downstairs.  I go and lay down on the guest bed, listening to my Hypnobabies tracks.  I relax, deeper and deeper.  My body needs to move.  I decide to go out on our back deck, with a blanket wrapped around my shoulders.  The sky is almost clear.  A few scattered clouds drift around the stars.  I’m still listening to Hypnobabies, sitting in one of our patio chairs, rocking when a pressure wave comes on.

I don’t want to leave the house.  Things are progressing quickly.  My husband agreed with me in the weeks prior that we could have the baby at home vs. my midwife’s house.  In our computer room, a tarp is laid out on the ground, a circular, kiddie pool is sitting in the middle of the room.  The pool has fish on the outside.  It is lined.  I laugh at the sight of the pool.  To think that the baby may arrive in a kiddie pool.  Damon and Liam are sound asleep upstairs.  I decide to call my midwife to tell her that things are moving quickly.  I call my mother so that she might have a chance to get here.  I debate on whether I should wake Damon up.  I don’t know if I need him yet.

I turn my lightswitch off for three more pressure waves and realize that I need Damon’s help.  I go upstairs and wake him up and ask him to come downstairs.  I’m confident that the baby will be here shortly.  I’m smiling, I’m excited but am able to relax deeply during each wave.  I can feel the baby starting to move lower.  I can’t believe that we are going to finally meet our little boy or little girl.

Damon starts to fill the birth pool.  My body is wanting to be weightless.  As the tub fills, my midwife arrives.  She comes in through the back door downstairs.  I decide to walk around outside on the back porch.  The air feels so wonderful and fresh.    The sky starts to lighten.  Things have been going for a couple of hours now, but it doesn’t feel like it.  Damon covers the tub to keep the water warm until I decide to get in.  I ask him to call and see how far away my mother is. She is in Manchester.

I slow dance with Damon on the back porch.  He kisses my gently on my forehead, on my neck.  He is wonderfully supportive.  I ask to get into the tub.  I feel like the baby is anterior.  This seems so easy this time compared to Liam’s birth.  And I loved Liam’s birth.  The feel of the water is so wonderful.  I feel so light.  I wash my face in the water.  Damon pours water on my back to soothe me.  I start to hmmm through the pressure waves.  I hear my mom pull up in the back yard.  She comes in and sees me in the tub.  She kisses my forehead but remains a calming presence.  She goes upstairs to check on Liam.

I’m feeling pushy.  The baby will be here soon.  Damon lets my mom know to bring Liam downstairs.  The room is so calming, so warm. The sun is coming up, we have the blinds open and during pressure waves, I see the sky.  It is a fiery pink.  It is so beautiful.  Liam comes down with my mom and I begin to work with my body, pushing the baby down.  It is so easy this time.  I can’t believe how fast the baby is coming.  I reach down and can feel the baby’s head.  With two more pushes, the baby emerges and I reach down and lift the baby to my chest.  The baby pinks up quickly.  I look down and see whether we have a boy or a girl.  Damon announces the name as he cuddles Liam in his arms.  My mom is crying, Carolyn has a smile on her face.  Damon has tears in his eyes.  Liam doesn’t understand why people are crying and starts to tear up.  I smile and reassure him that all is okay.  We are just happy.  I ask if he would like to see his new baby brother or sister.  Although he is tired because it is way before his normal wake up time, he reaches out to touch the baby.  I’m so happy.  I love the after birth high.  It is simply amazing.


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