Helping Liam understand when the baby will come

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We want to make sure that Liam understands that we will soon have a new addition to our family.  I pulled the calendar down this week and showed him the month of April.  I pointed out that when the picture for April showed, the baby would be here (sometime during that time of course).  So Liam has been flipping through the calendar.  For every month that is not April, he says “Nope.”  When the April picture shows up, he says, “Yeah.”  I think it is cute that he is getting some understanding despite the fact that most of the time he doesn’t want to talk about the baby whatsoever.

I hope he does fairly well when the baby comes.  Maybe he will surprise me.  I worry that he will feel so left out.  We promote the idea of the baby by saying who all will come to visit, Nana, Papa Dave and Papa Wayne, etc.  I tell him that we will have a birthday cake and he will have to help blow out the candles.  He loves blowing out candles.  I also want to get him a present for when the baby comes.  I’m thinking something dinosaur related since he is infatuated with them right now.  He walks around with his arms like a T-Rex, growling this very impressive growl.  I can’t even do it as well as he can.  We call him, Liam-o-saurus.  He gets a big grin on his face when we do this.

I’m getting excited about the baby coming too.  I have all of these craft projects that I want to have finished before the little one comes.  A lot of them are not for me, I have too many friends that are due around the same time that I am and I want to out fit them with baby carriers.  Damon gets excited to, however his excitement includes having his face as close to my belly as possible, with his facial hair practically scratching my belly and him saying very loudly, “Hello Baby.”  I feel bad, but I make him stop quickly because not only do the facial hairs end up prickling me, but I begin to feel claustrophobic with him that close.  The baby starts to move which is cute, but I can’t handle having my space invaded.  Damon is a good daddy though.  I can tell he would sit there and speak loudly to the baby for hours if I would let him.

Now for some photos from this week.  Liam wanted to lick the bowl after I made some No Pudge Brownies.  Pretty good brand and you just add yogurt.


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