My husband is nesting…I guess I am in my own way too

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It is cute to see my husband getting everything prepared for this new baby.  He has decided to start a project today that I’m a little excited to see the outcome, but not sure I will like how long it takes.  He is re-doing a bedroom downstairs and making Liam a really cool room.  Now, Liam still sleeps in our room, although he has been doing a pretty good job of sleeping in his toddler bed.

Damon has bunk  beds from when he was a kid and plans to set them up in Liam’s room.  This will also be the room for the future baby once it is way bigger.  Damon and I both figure that Liam and Damon will end up down there in the middle of the night when the baby is waking up and all they want to do is get some zzz’s.  I’ve bought some cool fabric from IKEA and from JoAnn fabrics to help decorate the room.  I’m not sure exactly how I will use it yet, but I’m sure I will be inspired one way or another.

My nesting has been seen through my craft projects and gathering our home birth supplies.  I have a few more things to get together for the birth supplies and then I will feel good.  We need to set up the kiddie tub and see how it fits in the room downstairs.  I’m excited but shocked that we are getting this close.  It really seems like we have months to go.


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