VBAC’s and Induction of Labor Rant

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I may offend people but right now I don’t really care.  I’m aggravated by the fact that women are told and even encouraged to have a VBAC, and that they shouldn’t be induced because of the stats below….

Women with a prior cesarean who are induced have a 33-75% risk of having another cesarean.4,5

Induction of labor has been shown to increase the risk of uterine rupture for women with a prior cesarean scar.6-9

Yet, when they are in the very, very early stages of labor, they are told that they will be induced since their doctor won’t be on call during the weekend.  Now, it may not be a completely bad thing, especially in an environment that prohibits VBAC’s unless you have a certain OB, but what about the risk to both the mom and the baby when you do induce after they’ve had one previous cesearean. I would want my doctor to come no matter whether they were on call that weekend or not if they had told me that they would do VBAC’s.  They are an OB for goodness sake, don’t get into the profession unless you are willing to work quirky hours.  It is the nature of the job.  You may have to come in on your kid’s birthday, you may have to be there during a special family holiday, you chose the profession, now be there for your patients.  And why are you inducing a person that isn’t even at their “due date” yet?



http://www.ynhh.org/healthlink/womens/womens_11_01.html– Induction of labor after c-section can increase risk of uterine rupture.



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