The fish pool is in place…

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Well, I’m 36 plus weeks now and so I needed to get all of my birth supplies in place.  I believe we have everything we need and we inflated the ocean reef pool today.  I’m really excited about the pool.  It is so nice and I think it is really cool because it is clear on the sides.  It does have fish, octopus and crabs on it too, but I think that just makes it more fun.  Liam was very excited about the tub.  After it was inflated, we let him get in it for a minute or two.  I’m glad everything is set up, washed, etc.  Thanks to my husband for doing the setup.  He is wonderful.

Liam getting very excited about Damon setting up the birthing pool.
Birthing Supplies all in one place.
Liam in the pool.
See Greta through the pool? Even Greta has some supplies on the side, she has some rawhides to keep her occupied.
Plenty of room. I got in too. It is very spacious.

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