Brilliant Women

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I hope my friends don’t mind me blogging about them but I was thinking about the title of this blog last night on the way home from a great night out with friends.  I realized that I have brilliant friends.  Now, I’m not only talking about the 7 ladies that I hung out with last night, but in general, my female friends are brilliant.  Some of my guy friends are brilliant too, but there are a lot fewer of them, so this post will focus on my brilliant women friends. 

These women encompass different backgrounds, different education levels, and live all over the U.S. and some even abroad.  Each one of them has these amazing talents that come in handy when you need that special advice.  Last night the group had one veterinarian, one person that  although I don’t know exactly what her degree was, something with neurology, two engineers, a finance major, a human resources expert, a well versed Christian and theater buff,  and a PH.D. in psychology.  Now those are just the things that they either have degrees in or something that they do on a daily basis.  That doesn’t even go nearly into depth about what each of these people really do.  Some of the women didn’t know each other before last night, but I loved watching the interactions.  Each of them finding the commonalities between them.  We laughed the entire night while we talked about various topics, learning a little bit more about each person, all over steaming chocolate fondue.  Which the white chocolate apple cobbler was simply amazing. 

After last night I realized how blessed I am to have friends not only here in town, but all over that I can go to for advice on things from coupons , to overseas travel with little ones, to business card help because they are such fantastic artists, to discussions on religion, to sports, to arts and crafts, to organic gardening,  to breastfeeding help, and to gentle child-rearing, etc . 

How did we get to be so multi-faceted?  It just amazes me. 

Thanks to all my friends here in town and in cyber-land for being there when I needed you and for simply being brilliant.

Some of the Brilliant Women I mentioned

One thought on “Brilliant Women

    Pam said:
    March 21, 2010 at 10:45 am

    Nice blog! I was really happy to meet new friends last night and hang with old ones. Someday I’ll be asking you for advice on pregnancy and kids! Now to give you some praise: you really are superworman! Great mom, great wife, sewer, crafter, knitter, walker, triathaloner, teacher, engineer… I mean goodness woman, YOU are brilliant!

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