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Hello in There

 So as the weather gets warmer and it gets closer for me to have our little one, I dream about getting to do another triathlon.  I see people running and cycling outside now and I am jealous.  In my 38 week of pregnancy, I know that it would probably be best for me to stay off my road bike and if I did try to run, I would probably just end up urinating on myself because of the weight of the baby on my bladder.  The water at the lake right now is too cold to swim in and even if I did have a wetsuit, I don’t think it would fit right now.  I dislike going to a pool because of the chlorine.  It kills my skin, so instead I just think about when I can begin to train again.

Ideally, I would love to do another tri in the early fall, but I know that realistically I won’t want to be away from my baby to train.  Swimming with a newborn strapped to my back might be considered a no-no.  Now if I could teach the baby to swim along side me, then we would be good.  I could do the running because we have a nice jogging stroller and even the biking might be okay as long as I went riding on a bike path since we do have a bike trailer.  However, the instructions do say that you should not put your little one in the bike trailer and ride when they are little and then when they do get bigger, you can’t go over 10 mph.  That is too slow. 

I had been thinking about some funny photos that I could take with my belly and my tri gear on.  Liam apparently read my mind yesterday and started to put on one of my swim caps.  Then he brought me one.  We enjoyed a little photo shoot.  I really need to get my cycling clothes on and see how far up my belly the jersey comes. 

My little triathlete
The Trio

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