Easter Sunday 2010

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We have had a lovely Easter Sunday so far.  We had yummy french toast.  Then we decided to go outside and take some family photos.  Greta didn’t get included because she was playing in the yard.  Then we had our Easter egg hunt.  Liam wanted money and rocks in his eggs.  I put some generic m&m’s from Earth Fare in half of the eggs and the other half has money, which he calls mummy, not money.  It is so cute when he calls it mummy, we do try and correct him though.  I got his Easter basket from Goodwill yesterday for 15 cents.  He picked it out.  He did not get a chocolate bunny, but I did find some fair trade chocolate for him and some Yummy Earth gummy worms and bears.  I also made him a t-shirt with iron-ons that have a picture of a golfer “Damon” and a kid playing basketball “Liam”.

Liam’s having a blast right now playing with his “mummy” by putting it into his fireman money bank.  This may be all day entertainment, let’s cross our fingers.

Special Easter French Toast
Easter Sunday 2010
The Easter Basket
Egg Hunting

I’m 39 weeks pregnant now and the pregnancy is still going really well.  I’ve had my downs here last week do to some pregnancy related issues that I will not blog about, but I’m going better now.  I figure I will go to 40 weeks and probably longer with the lack of labor symptoms.  I’m okay with that.  Gives us more time to do little things around the house and with each other.

April 3rd


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