Time Flies

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I can’t believe that last Sunday I was dreading going to work the next day and I was walking around the First Tennessee Pavillion looking at a bunch of overpriced art.  It doesn’t seem like almost a week has passed since I was pregnant.  It is sad really.  You anticipate the day of finally meeting your little one and then as soon as they come, you become sad that they are already getting so big and transforming.

This week hasn’t been too bad though.  My mom was here from Monday until Friday helping out a bit around the house and playing with Liam.  We had a few visitors that brought us yummy food and good conversation.  My dad has yet to meet the baby because of his work schedule.  The same with my brother and his wife.  All the other family lives too far away and won’t see Nicholas until he is much bigger or we can travel to them.

Liam has been doing fairly well.  We’ve had to work with him on being aware of where baby Nick is.  He likes to run and jump and we’ve had a few close calls on Liam almost landing on Nicholas.  Otherwise, he gives him gentle kisses and likes to pet him.  Right now, Liam is wearing one of Nicholas’ newborn shirts.  He is hilarious right now with the outfit.  Damon and Nicholas are taking a nap together.  I got one this morning already and that was nice.

I’m hoping to venture out for the first time today.  Our trip is going to consist of Dairy Queen and a trip to the park for Liam where he can go sliding.  He loves the slides and always says “Slides, wee-ahh-ahh-ahh.”  I’m excited to try out my new didymos wrap with Nicholas.  It is quite windy today and I figure it will offer him the most protection from the wind and sun.

My mom, Nicholas and Me 4-23-10
Liam playing in his new kiddie pool-was the birth pool
Damon and Nicholas 4-23-10
Liam and Me waving bye to Nana
My boys 4-23-10
Liam dancing in Nicholas' hat
Liam decided to dress himself in Nicholas' shirt

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