Wanting to Road Trip

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Damon and I really want to go on a road trip.  However, after seriously contemplating a trip to Colorado from Tennessee with a 2 week old and a 2.5 year old, we decided to wait.  We realized that we would probably be utterly exhausted if we attempted it.  The last time I went to Colorado was when I was probably 2 and Damon has never been.  We both want to see those glorious snow-capped peaks, enjoy the refreshing mountain air and go hiking with our two boys. 

We actually did some preparations like we were going to go.  He ordered a GPS unit.  I’m more of a map girl.  I loved looking at the maps as a kid.  I remember many arguments and loud words as we were on a road trip and everyone was trying to figure out where we needed to go, which street to turn on, how much longer it was going to take.  I hope that the GPS unit still allows for those memorable “discussions” among family members. 

We were thinking that this was a good time to go on a road trip because Nicholas really does sleep a lot and Liam is a good traveler.  But the 19 hour drive seemed daunting to us.  Mainly because we knew it wouldn’t be 19 hours.  We would have potty breaks for Liam, nursing breaks for Nick and breaks to just get out of the car and run.  We figured it would take us three days minimum to get out there with stops in Paris, TN to visit my grandparents.  Maybe a stop in St. Louis to look at the Arch and visit Cotton Babies, a cloth diaper store that I’ve ordered a lot of my diapers from.  Then we thought we might stop in Leavenworth, Kansas where Damon’s cousin is stationed and then onto Colorado Springs.  Optimistically we thought we would stay there a few days and then head to Taos and Albuquerque, NM for a night or two and then drive back through Tulsa (Claremore), Oklahoma where Damon and I both have cousins.  Then back home to TN.  That would be the ideal trip, however, we love each other and want to continue loving each other.  We figured that a roadtrip like that in an SUV would put to much stress on us. 

Soon I will be working from home and won’t have the luxury of traveling wherever I want to go.  We made a much shorter roadtrip instead last night to visit my dad in a suburb of Atlanta.  We will stay here for a few days, where it is nice because he has a large fenced in yard for Liam to run around in, a pool that we could go in if it is warm enough and plenty of ATL activities like the Botanical Gardens or the Zoo to keep us entertained. 

Maybe we will get the urge or maybe the courage to go on this roadtrip sooner rather than later.  My next big trip I want to go to Europe again.  Damon thinks I’m crazy to want to bring Liam and Nicholas with us.  He would rather us going on a trip like that alone.  I want our kids to experience travel like I did as a kid.  I never went to Europe with my family, but we always made roadtrips.  I think travel helped shape my perspective on a lot of things.


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