Wishful Thinking

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So we’ve been driving around with Nicholas in his car seat lately and it can be a bit miserable on our ears and my heart to hear him crying so strongly because he does not like being strapped down.  Today as we were driving through Atlanta, I started to daydream about a world where there were no car accidents ever.  With no car accidents we were able to snuggle with our babies in our arms while driving in the car without any worries about someone driving recklessly or while drunk and hitting our car, injuring us or something worse. 

I’m thankful for the safety technology that my Britax carseat provides for my babies, but I really hate how miserable Nicholas sounds when we tighten down the straps to his car seat.  I try my best to soothe him, but really, he just wants to be out of the seat and in my arms.  I don’t do that though, I just daydream about a place where we could do that.


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