No ‘Poo Challenge–Continued

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I’ve been doing the no shampoo thing since April 19th, Nicholas’ birthday.  It is going fairly well.  I’ve been washing my hair every other day with a combination of baking soda paste and then following it with an apple cider vinegar rinse with a few drops of either tangerine or lavender essential oils, mainly so the stink of vinegar isn’t so overwhelming.  So far I’ve discovered that I can’t use very much vinegar because it really conditions my hair.  It causes it to lay really flat and feel greasy.  Yesterday, I experimented with a lemon juice rinse afterward and I think that works much better for my hair.  My hair wasn’t as heavy and seemed to have more body with it. 

I would put pictures of my hair online, but I’m not at home and so can’t upload my photos.  I’m going to keep up with this, I don’t think that my hair is at its final state yet.  I’m hoping that it doesn’t look as heavy as the weeks go by.  I may need to get it trimmed though, it is very long and very thick right now from the residual pregnancy hormones that are still coursing through my body.


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