Our recent roadtrip photos

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We went and visited my father last week in Canton, GA and then came home spent one evening at home and then went up to visit my father-in-law and my Grandmother up near Livingston, TN.  At my dad’s we hung out and enjoyed his house and then made a trip to the Atlanta Botanical Gardens.  They were really awesome and very beautiful.  We all enjoyed ourselves there.  We surprised my mom and grandmother at my grandma’s houseboat on Saturday.  I didn’t tell them that we were going to visit.  To my surprise my brother and sister-in-law showed up to pick up my nephew.  So we had a family filled week last week.  I wanted to post a bunch of photos, mainly so that my family can have copies of them. 

My Dad and Nicholas


The Orchid Room


Liam and Drew showing their bellies


My mom, Liam and Drew


Nicholas with Grammy--Nick was hungry
My brother Keith and Me


Aunt Erin and Nicholas
Keith, Drew, Liam and Me
Nicholas and Me

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