Huggies Jean Diaper Campaign

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Okay, I’m not a disposable diaper fan anyway, but who else thinks the Huggies Jean Diaper Campaign is one of the worst ever?

Reasons why this advertisement/product sucks:

1. It’s a disposable diaper that looks like a pair of cut-off jean underwear.  It looks horrible.

2. It makes the little boy look like he belongs on the beaches in Miami. 

3.  The slogan, “The coolest you will ever look pooping your pants,” is horrendous. No one will ever look cool pooping their pants and do we want our children to feel that it is okay to poop in their pants.  I know that I want my child to learn to not poop in their pants.  Diaper companies do not want your child to be potty learned. They would prefer children to stay in diapers indefinitely because it means more money for them. 

4. The man’s accent in the commercial does not make me think that the product is any more chic. 

5.  Why would the fashion world go ga-ga over this diaper?  It is a freaking diaper.

6.  So not only are we going to fill the landfills with plain white diapers that have a ton of chlorine in them, but now they will have some wonderful additional coloring that will take thousands of years to biodegrade.

7.  Pampers has been having issues with their Dry Max diapers causing rashes on children, do you think that the dyes on the Huggies diapers might have a negative reaction for some children? I wouldn’t want to test it on my kid. 

8. I think that cloth diaper popularity is increasing and if you do choose to use diapers for your kids, cloth diapers far surpass any disposable on the cuteness factor. 

Overall, I just hate these diapers and I hope I never see a little kid wearing them.  I know mine won’t.


2 thoughts on “Huggies Jean Diaper Campaign

    Lisa said:
    June 11, 2010 at 10:46 pm

    Ug, this commercial must have just come out in the last day or two because I just saw it for the first time and was utterly disgusted. As were several other people I know.

    Inexplicable Ways said:
    June 22, 2010 at 11:50 pm

    So, I was at a baby shower this weekend. My baby was sporting a cute green one-size diaper. A bumGenius. No one said a word about it. Another mom took her baby’s shorts off and suddenly the room erupted into “ahhhhs” and “ohhhhs” and squeals at the disposable blue jeans diapers.

    *eye roll*

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