Frugal and Natural Baby Care (via Inexplicable Ways)

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I’m always looking to save money. Julie posted a great blog on some simple ways to save. I love our cloth wipes that I made using golf print flannel on one side and navy blue jersey on the other. I just put water on them using a peri bottle and it wipes all clean. We still use baby wipes, but for us, that is when we are in the car or on the road. Which is often, unfortnately.

Natural and organic baby products can be expensive!  Here are a few ways to save some money.  Please add your tips and recipes! Baby Wipes Using cloth baby wipes can save as much as 800.00.  Still, the initial purchase can be pricey for a bum wipe.  If you don't have the funds, you can cut up old t-shirts or flannel blankets.  For Norah, I bought the 1.00 "bag o rags" from Goodwill.  It was a huge lot of t-shirts already cut into rectangles.  I w … Read More

via Inexplicable Ways


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