Book Review: A Girl’s Guide to Life

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I received the book I requested from BookSneeze and Thomas Nelson Publishing.  The title is “A Girl’s Guide to Life,” by Katie Meier. This book is geared towards teenage girls and goes through and addresses various topics that pertain to young women. While I’m no longer a teenager, I can remember a lot of the concerns and questions I had back then.  I wasn’t very impressed by this book.  I kept thinking that if I was a teenager, I would not read this.  I was hopeful when I first got the book. I thought, wow, this would have been great to get some questions answered. However, I had to force myself through the book. The book was boring for me to read and if it is boring for an adult, I can’t imagine that it would keep teenagers focus.  

 There are some very nice scripture references throughout the book, but I don’t think that it makes up for lack of content. The scripture seemed almost forced into the book. I would not pass this on to other teenagers.  Perhaps if they re-did it with more stories webbed through it to use as real life examples or maybe just more images and a different format.


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