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So I had my first half day back at work yesterday.  It didn’t go too badly and I think Damon managed pretty well with the two boys. I did run into a minor problem yesterday morning.  Nick hadn’t nursed at all on one side and I was really needing him to eat because things were getting a bit engorged and very sore.  Fortunately, before I left, he woke up, so I nursed him on the affected side.  However, while at work and throughout yesterday, the one side really, really was sore.  I had red streaking on the upper part of my chest.  I knew that if I didn’t take care of it quickly, that it could become infected.  I had Nick nurse often on that side and the other, to make sure I didn’t run into the same problem.  I had an ICAN meeting that I wanted to go to, so as I drove the 30 minutes there, I had an ice pack on it. That side felt a lot of relief with the ice pack. 

 The funny part of this whole blog post was when I got home.  Liam still nurses occasionally. I don’t offer anymore and sometimes when he asks, if I know that I have way too much milk, I will let him nurse for a minute or two.  And yes, I know, supply and demand.  That is why I don’t let him nurse too much.  I really don’t want to make enough milk for two kids, although, maybe I should.  Maybe the baby weight would come off faster.

 Anyway…the one side was still very sore.  The whole family was on our bed.  I mentioned to Damon that it was still hurting.  He asked, “Well, are you going to let him (Him, meaning Liam) nurse?”  I was kind of surprised that he asked that question, because I rarely nurse Liam around Damon anymore.  I guess I feel a little more self-conscious nursing a toddler than I once did.  I replied, “Well, I wasn’t planning too.”  Liam then chimes in, “Li-Li wants mama milk. “  So I laughed and told him that mama was really sore and that I needed him to nurse to help get whatever it was out.  Then I said, “Do you think there is a dinosaur in there?”  Liam giggles and starts to nurse.  He was trying to get the dinosaur out.  Damon and I are getting a kick out of this and are laughing like crazy.  Then Damon goes into the living room and comes back into the bedroom.  Liam is still nursing and Damon takes one of Liam’s toy dinosaurs and tells me to distract Liam.  I’m trying to figure out how to distract a nursing toddler and start to laugh.  Then Damon pushes the dinosaur under my arm trying to make it look like Liam managed to get the dinosaur out of the affected breast.  Liam laughs and so do I.  Then Damon takes the Toy Story dinosaur, my mom got Liam and made it make this really loud roaring sound, all while Liam is nursing.  Liam stops and says, “No, do that.”  I promptly put my shirt down. 

 This morning, that breast feels a lot better.  Maybe Liam did the trick and got the dinosaur out, but I’m just glad that it doesn’t hurt anymore. 


One thought on “Dinosaurs

    Ashlee said:
    July 21, 2010 at 2:38 pm

    Ella was still nursing when Dylan was born and I remember being so thankful when I needed the same kind of help. 🙂 She weaned at 3yr4mo. Dylan weaned himself before the new baby. He was 2yr7mo. 🙂

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