Girls Day Out is in Order

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I’m home with my two kids and my husband is on yet another golf trip.  I’m glad that he is able to go and hang out with friends, but honestly, I’m jealous.  With two kids under three, I get major mommy guilt when I head out of the house without at least one of them (normally I feel more guilty leaving my nursling at home since he really doesn’t drink much from the bottle).

I feel guilty taking time for myself outside my house, unless I’m working out.  For some reason, creating healthy mommy doesn’t bother me so much.  So as I was reviving my Bum Genius diapers on the sewing machine this morning, Nick was asleep and I was letting my almost three-year old watch more television than I should.  But hey, the diapers won’t stay on the baby anymore because the velcro is shot.  Anyway, I was sewing and brainstorming ideas for having a girls day out…. on a regular basis.

I don’t want this to just be for mom’s though.  I have female friends that don’t have kids yet, don’t want to have kids or just have other things going for them, so I want them to be included.  I do think that I want to be surrounded by my crunchy friends or at least people who don’t immediately think I’m weird because I home birth, cloth diaper, try to eat organic, EC, home school curious, or any of the other things that kind of make me seem to the average women as unusually odd.  I also want to spend as little money as possible on these outings because we are a one income family as are a lot of my friends.  I feel less guilty if I do something on the weekends since I do have to work in an office during the week.  If I plan something for the evenings, I don’t have the desire to drive all the way home to be with my family for just an hour or so and then have to head back to town.  Plus, if I do something on say Saturday afternoons, then I can typically hit nap time just right so that my husband isn’t overwhelmed.

For me, I would like this to be child free, but for those that really have a lot of mommy guilt, I want them to feel welcome to bring their little ones.  So, what I was thinking was Saturday hiking, maybe twice a month.  When I get outside I feel rejuvenated.  By exercising, I’m doing something for myself, but I would also get to hang out with my friends and just have female companionship.  I haven’t done a lot of hiking in my lifetime and I don’t really know the good trails in the area.  I have a pair of hiking boots, two legs, a water bottle and the desire to hike.

Anyone interested?  If you are, let me know by leaving a message on my blog or on Facebook.  Feel free to suggest any good trails.


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