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About three years ago, I was talking with my friend Jenniffer about starting a garden.  I kept telling her that I really wanted to have a big garden in my backyard, and I just kept talking about it.  Her response was simple but has stuck with me, “If you want a garden, then just do it.”  It was one of those aha moments that Oprah always talks about.  We here the “just do it,” slogan from Nike all the time yet, when Jenniffer said it, it was like, duh.  Quit talking about it and just make it happen.  From that time, I’ve kept that just do it mentality with a lot of things. 

I wanted to do a triathlon.  I signed up and started training.  I liked it so much, I signed up for a second one.  Then I got pregnant with Nicholas and couldn’t wait to do another race.  I signed up to do a race scheduled for this weekend, but I backed out of it due to injury and illness.  I hated backing out.  My husband tried very hard to convince me that it was the sane thing to do.  I hadn’t gotten enough base training in before I got injured and getting sick just made it worse.  The kids were sick, we weren’t sleeping and it was just the smart thing to do.  It was the right decision, but was very hard for me to do.  Once I sign up to do something, I very rarely back out, part of it from that just do it mentality, part of it is a fear of not taking care of myself and letting my weight creep up.  I am always fearful that I won’t lose all the baby weight and will stay bigger than I want to be.  So, I plan different exercising events in my future so that I will keep at the weight loss goals and fitness goals.

I think a lot of us think that we are really doing our best at working out and eating right, but are we really?  I don’t think that we are if we are really honest with ourselves.  I know that I could devote more time to cooking fresh, unprocessed foods.  I know that I could fit in even a short workout of some push ups on the floor with my kids, or even an evening walk everyday. I get frustrated sometimes when I hear people say that they are doing all that they can to lose their weight and get in shape, yet I see them watching excessive amounts of television, eating out all the time, not watching their portion sizes and not making themselves a priority. 

If you want to get in shape, you do have to be a selfish. You have to make yourself a priority by scheduling time to workout.  You need to be honest with yourself about what you are really eating and drinking and how much you are actually working out.  I have not been working out nearly enough.  I’ve been lazy lately.  I have a ton of excuses.  It is way too hot here, I hate running on treadmills, the kids need to see me, I need to nurse Nick, my IT band hurts, my hips hurt, my throat hurts, I don’t have enough time, I’m tired, I need to make dinner, my husband needs to workout so my workout gets pushed to the back-burner.  They are all excuses.  ALL!!! 

I’m going to make myself the priority and still take care of my family.  My husband and I, together are going to work on a fitness plan that works for both of us.  One that lets us both get our workouts in, while inspiring the other one to keep going.  Damon is doing a push-up, sit-up challenge.  He is going to do it for 6 weeks and he is charting his progress.  Just seeing him being active is making me want to get up and go. 

My family has a history of obesity, heart disease, diabetes, cancer and other typical western ailments.  I am going to be different.  I am going to put forth my best effort and really mean it.  I am going to keep working on my families diet so that we are eating healthy, wholesome foods.  And we are going to be a family that supports each other in our fitness endeavors and keeps these horrible diseases at bay. 

And as a side note, I know that my dad, probably never reads this blog, but he completed his first triathlon today.  I’m proud that he did it.  Both of my parents have inspired fitness goals for me.  My mom has walked at least three, if not four half-marathons.  I watched her do her walk her first half-marathon and I knew that if she could do it, I could too.   

Iron Girl Triathlon-Georgia 2009

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