3 Years Ago, I discovered I have Super Powers

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On October 29th, 2007, I was pregnant with my oldest.  It was also my birthday.  Liam and God decided that I should share my birthday with my first-born.  It was the best gift I have ever received. 

On that day, I discovered that I can do anything.  I discovered that I am a very strong woman.  I learned that I have power within myself that I never imagined.  I sounded like a Lioness.  I roared with gusto.  I birthed my baby boy surrounded by supportive people.  My husband is and was my rock.  He was there for me and knelt beside me while I discovered my full potential. 

My first son’s birth transformed me and I am forever grateful to him, my husband and God. I am an empowered woman.  Some women say that they weren’t trying to be a super hero when they give birth naturally.  I say, “I am a super hero.”  I birthed my baby in the way that I wanted to.  I then discovered my second super power.  I make a lot of milk which nourishes my very chubby babies.  I wonder what super power I will discover next. 


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