Birth Should be Boring

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I just finished another Hypnobabies class series.  The class was great, my students are awesome and I know that they are going to have the births that they want.  We were watching one of the Hypnobabies birth videos and I heard some murmurs of surprise.  These aren’t “normal” birth videos that are typical in the United States. 

These women were peaceful, within themselves.  Truthfully, it was pretty boring to watch.  There is not action.  You see women with their eyes closed, rocking back and forth, sitting on a birth ball, doing the clutch and sway with their partner, laying sleepily in bed, walking the halls.  There is no action. 

I have only ever attended the births of my own children.  I think that most people never get the opportunity to witness a birth, so where does all of our imagery come from?  Movies and television.  I’m sure that most women wanting to conceive or who are pregnant have watched TLC’s Baby Story or Birth Day.  If they showed a true, peaceful, natural birth, they wouldn’t get a lot of viewers.  There is no ominous music playing in the background during a peaceful Hypnobabies birth, there simply isn’t a lot of drama.  On occasion, these shows do show a natural birth, however, to make the viewer come back after commercial, they make it seem like something treacherous could happen in the next couple of moments.  They place that unnecessary fear that birth is inherently dangerous and that a mom is sick and diseased. 

If you want a dramatic birth, with lots of interventions, pitocin, IV drips, catheters, fetal monitors to tether you down, then please, watch these shows.  However, if you believe in yourself and have learned about the birth process, know that your birth can be “boring.”

Happy birthing and watch this amazing birth.


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