Too Many D*#@ Toys!!!

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I’m in a huge bah humbug sort of mood now.  Christmas is coming and we have too many toys!!!  Way too many toys.  Plastic toys, wooden toys, toys that are separated from their original parts, toys that are really big and toys that are small.  So many toys.  I’m partly to blame for the toys, so is my husband and my parents.  We all want to see that short moment where a kids face lights up with a new toy.  However, that delight wanes quickly as the toy is discarded on the floor amongst all of the other toys.  Sometimes, Liam picks them up to play with them in the way that is very creative, but overall we just have way too many toys.  So many, that we sometimes take away bags full of toys and hide them in the closet.  He never once asks for the missing toys.  He doesn’t even remember that he had them. 

We really should work harder at making him put away a toy when he gets done playing with it, but truthfully, we have so many toys and no places to put them when he is done.  We lack storage spaces. We have no toy bins, just a gigantic train table that ends up as a toy depository, so then Liam can’t even play with the train table. 

Christmas is coming and we all want to give the boys more, and more and more.  It stresses me out and I know that grandparents are just wanting to make them smile.  Why grandparents insist on giving them loud and large obnoxious toys, I don’t get.  I think they are just getting us back for all the loud fighting that we did as children. 

I was working with Liam on donating some toys and returning some books to the used book store so that we might have more room for his existing toys.  The responses from a 3-year-old, are normally not very giving. 

I would love to just donate everything and start from scratch.  Heck, the baby has more fun with a paper bag and Liam could care less if he has the latest and greatest toy.  Lately he has been taking large checker pieces and legos and pretending to cook with them.  His imagination is great and he doesn’t need a lot to have fun. 

Maybe I’m just grouchy because I’m tired of picking up toys or trying to coerce my 3 year old to help me do it.  I want a clutter free house and it is very hard for me to do that.  My house is almost always trashed with stuff.  A lot of it is my stuff, a little bit is D’s stuff and the rest of it is Liam’s.  I have a book addiction and a crafting addiction. 

I guess I should get back to cleaning so that I might enjoy a stress free holiday without all of the clutter.  I need a clutter fairy to come and clean my house and get rid of all of the stuff I haven’t touched in 6 months. 



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