Santa Success

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I took Liam and Nicholas to meet Santa for the first time this year.  I fully expected to have two children that were crying as the flash bulb of the camera went off.  My expectations of this experience were set really low and I’m happy to say that they were both phenomenal.  Liam smiled, Nick sat happily in Santa’s lap.  Liam had to cough and actually coughed into his sleeve. Normally I like to be in the photo too, but I decided that I would let this be just a photo of the boys with Santa, unless of course my presence was needed.  I stood to the side and the photographer made Liam laugh by pretending to tickle me with his feather duster.  I know, that sounds weird, but it was a great prop to make the kids laugh without him having to be super close to them. They were great and I loved watching them sit for the photo session. 

I will have photos in a week from the photographer.  I can’t wait to see them. 

The Chattanooga Choo-Choo had one of the best Santa set ups that I’ve seen.  If he visits there again, I highly recommend it.


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