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Once again, not a post for most men, although I think I have only one male reader.  Hi S.J.  🙂

So, I was at The Little Twig tonight, hanging out with my new pal, Amy.  She is a big advocate for natural birth and breastfeeding.  She has a bunch of great products for moms and babies.  She mentioned one product that isn’t selling very well and I was surprised.  They are Lana Wool Breast Pads.  I love these things.  I have a large milk supply and when my babies are little, I tend to leak from the side the baby isn’t nursing on.  I tried the disposable pads when Liam was little.  I hated them.  They were small, you could see them through my shirt and they would shift and be almost un-usable after just one nursing session.  They also made a weird crinkling sound.

I didn’t really like using a disposable product anyway, so I saw cotton nursing pads online. I bought a handful of them.  They were no match to my letdown.  They were soaked during just one nursing session and I would have to replace them each time and Liam nursed a lot so I was changing them frequently.  They also were small like the disposable pads, so you could see them through my shirt.  I don’t care for people to know that I breastfeed, but I really didn’t like having it look like I had saucers under my shirt.

So I went searching online and I found the Lana Wool Breast Pads.  I wasn’t sure about them at first.  One, they are made of wool.  I hate itchy wool sweaters.  How could wool possibly be comfortable and soft?  The second thing, they are gigantic.  They look nothing like the nursing pads that I had been exposed to.  They had great reviews though and I though, what the heck, I’m leaking through everything, I might as well try them.  The reviews suggested getting two pairs.  You have to figure out what size you need based on your bra size.  I selected the ones I needed and submitted my order.  They came a few days later and I was amazed.

They were luxuriously soft.  They are big, but the advantage of that, is that no one can see that I’m wearing them.  They fit easily into my bra and no one can tell that I’m wearing them.  I ended up getting one more pair after Nick was born. I got the Ekstra version that has even more layers of wool because the ones that I had felted a bit and I wanted even more protection from leakage. A time or two my letdown was so great that I still leaked through them.  I think I’ve leaked through my wool pads only three times, whereas the cotton ones, it was every single time.

From the Lana Wool website : “As the wool absorbs the moisture of your breast milk, the natural lanolin of the wool is converted to lanolin soap, which cleanses away bacteria and removes any odors. The pads do not need to be washed after every wear. The lanolin cleanses away the bacteria as the wool dries. After the pads have dried, prior to wearing, rub the pads between your knuckles to remove excess dried milk. After a period of use, depending on how much you leak, you’ll notice the pads begin to feel “stiff” towards the center. This is a sign they will need to be washed. ”

I alternate between my three different pairs.  They are all still very soft.  I wear them during any time of the year.  The advantage of wool is that if it gets wet, it actually gets warm versus cool, so you still feel comfortable if you do leak a bit. Wool breathes really well too, so I don’t feel hot when wearing them in the southern heat and humidity. Another somewhat embarrassing benefit of these pads is nursing mothers tend to have protruding nipples.  These cover them up, so I don’t have to worry about my headlights being on high beam.  I love these pads and recommend them to any nursing mother.  Some women do not have issues with the excessive let-down and so they wouldn’t necessarily need these, except for that last benefit.

If you want to see these in person, go down to The Little Twig and check them out.

Lana Wool Nursing Pads
Cloth Nursing Pads
Disposable Nursing Pads

One thought on “Leaking Options

    thevfamily said:
    December 11, 2010 at 4:17 pm

    I had reusable pads but they were not wool, only cotton. it certainly would not have occurred to me to look for wool as an option!

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