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A quick re-cap of Monday, Jan. 10, 2011. 

1. I was invited to attend a birth. A Hypnobabies home birth.

2. There was a snowstorm, a BIG snowstorm.

3. I taught the birthing woman’s sister how to knit and I almost completed a baby hat during the day.

4. I taught a three-year-old how to spin and disappear right before our eyes.

5. I watched a husband support his wife during her birthing time.

6. I got teary-eyed as I supported my friend, with her husband and sister surrounding her, whispering peaceful words into her ear, stroking her arm, caressing her hair.  Calm and peacefulness was in the air.  The birthing mama was a beautiful angel, taking each wave in with what appeared to be ease from our perspective.

7. I listened to the sounds of the birthing woman, knowing that her baby would be here soon.

8. I was amazed at how well Hypnobabies works.

9. I saw a baby crown and come out of its mother while in a birth tub.

10.  I saw the looks of shock and awe on the mother’s face.  She was empowered.

11. I observed the family, surrounding the mother, the baby boy had arrived.  The three-year-old got to meet her new baby brother.

12. I got to sit by the firelight and watch a baby have it’s newborn exam.  Toasty and warm by the fire.

13. I helped push the new family’s minivan out of the icy driveway.

14. I saw the new mother learning to breastfeed.

15. I was blessed to be in attendance.


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