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We got a new to us vehicle the other day so we would actually have two cars that could carry both kids.  We started to investigate the car seat options.  I like Britax.  We’ve had the Roundabout and two Boulevards.  I haven’t had any complaints for either style.

I’ve been on to research other options like the Sunshine Radian, the Graco Nautilus, the Britax Frontier 85 and the Britax Advocate.  My husband really wants something that converts into a booster.  I really want something that will keep our children in a 5-point harness for as long as possible.  I’ve seen and heard of a few to many stories of kids being ejected from a booster with just a regular seat belt. 

Plus, our kids run on the small side once they start to move and Liam isn’t anywhere near the 40lbs needed for most boosters.  In the state of TN, kids are supposed to be 4 years old and at least 40lbs. 

We went to Babies R Us to try out a couple different styles to see which one we liked and which one Liam liked.  I think we are leaning towards the Britax Frontier 85.  My husband really likes the dual cup holders and the components feel sturdy. I like that it will eventually go up to 120lbs as a booster seat.  I also like how difficult it is to unclip the chest harness.  I’ve seen a Graco chest harness be unclipped by a two-year old.  That does not make me feel safe driving down the road.  Liam really likes the Cowmooflage print.  I do too.  Everyone is having sales on Britax right now, but we are hesitant to get one quite yet because car seats only have a life of  6-7 years.  At least we know what we like, not to just find the right price at the right time. 


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