A rarity….fantastic customer service

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I want to compliment an online company.  Last week I was in need for some new diaper covers.  I really like Thirsties covers and ours have just worn out.  So, after doing a bit of searching I found Vermont Country Baby.  Now, I’m all about supporting local business, however, my local cloth diaper store did not have any of these products, so I went online.  I ordered two Thirsties Duo Wrap Covers, One Blueberry Cover and a Woollybottoms soaker.  Our order shipped quickly and I received it two days later.  However, one of the Thirsties covers was missing.  I figured since I ordered two of the same one,  it just got missed when Stacy, the owner of Vermont Country Baby was packing it up. 

I contacted her that night and got an e-mail response within the hour, apologizing profusely and saying that she would have the package in the mail the next day (Saturday) and she would add something to our order to say sorry.  I told her there was no need to rush, just send it regular mail and thanks for the quick reply.  Today, is Monday and the package was already here.  Guess what she included as my sorry for screwing up your order gift….an extra Thirsties cover in the coolest pattern, that I actually thought about ordering.  Wow, I was expecting maybe some cloth wipes, or some laundry detergent.  Not a whole other cover.  Now, she may not do this always, but my guess is she rarely messes up an order. 

I will buy from Stacy again.  Fantastic, quick and considerate customer service. 

Thanks Vermont Country Baby.


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