Free Hypnobabies Script (via Inexplicable Ways)

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I wanted to share this post, since then I don’t have to do the work to set up the link. Hypnobabies has a great script available for use during any situation. I’ve had a friend whose mother was going through a stressful situation. She started listening to this script and was able to get a good nights sleep after nights of restless and interrupted sleep. It is also helpful to share with family members that aren’t quite sure what hypnosis is all about.

I used this script at my Hypno-Doula Training Workshop last week and I remembered that it is free to anyone who wants to try it!  It is a script that can be used for any stressful situation.  "Relax Me" helps you create a cue word for instant relaxation and confidence when handling tricky event.  Um, like when you're about to blow up at the children.  Click "add to cart" for the Relax Me script and when you checkout (again, it is free), you'll re … Read More

via Inexplicable Ways

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