New Parent Products: Breastfeeding

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Registering for baby items is a fun experience however most new parents really have no idea
what they need. Sites like Babies R Us and Target have some pre-set registry items that allow
you to just push a button and have an automatically generated baby registry. I find that a lot of
the “must-have” items are really not must-haves and just create clutter in your house. Truthfully,
we don’t need most of the crap that we get at baby registries. Here are some of my “must-
haves.” Each family situation will be different so you may have some different items.

If you are planning to breast-feed, you don’t necessarily need all of the items that they suggest.
To breastfeed, you do not have to have a breast-pump. Your baby is your breast pump. If you
are going back to work, like I did, then yes, you will need a pump a few weeks before you go
back. Buy the best pump you can, one that will pump both breasts at the same time. It saves
time and you will produce milk more efficiently.

Some women worry and think that, “ohh, what about engorgement, don’t I need a pump for
that?” You can hand express more quickly into a wash cloth. Getting the pump out and setting
it up takes a couple of minutes. It is much faster with a hungry baby to express just enough to
allow the baby to latch. Plus if you do a full pumping session and then let the baby nurse, then
you are setting yourself up for over supply issues.

You will probably want some lanolin cream for the early days of breastfeeding and some ice
packs for any soreness.

If you are planning on going back to work, you don’t need hundreds of bottles. We have an
ideal situation at home, with my husband being a stay at home dad. We have one bottle. Yes!!!
Just one, (

When I bring home expressed milk, I put them immediately into freezer breast milk storage bags
and put them in the freezer. My husband will then thaw the 3-5 oz bags in a bottle warmer (no,
you don’t have to use a bottle warmer; you can just use a regular glass and fill it with warm/hot
water). As the baby gets a little older they can even drink the milk at room temperature.

• Lanolin
• Ice Packs
• Wool breast pads for leakage
• Breast pump if you’re going back to work
• Milk storage bags
• Loose fitting sports bra or sleep nursing bra-purchase other nursing bras a couple weeks
after baby is here
• A nursing pillow, or just pillows you can use to prop your arms up to get comfy

Breast milk saves money and doctors visits. It can be used on diaper rash, ear infections,
pink eye, and cuts! No special creams are needed or antibiotics to cure pink eye or mild ear


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