New Parent Products: Carriers, Car Seats and Diapers, Part II

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To continue with my new parent products posts…..Registering for baby items is a fun experience however most new parents really have no idea what they need.  Sites like Babies R Us and Target have some pre-set registry items that allow you to just push a button and have an automatically generated baby registry.  I find that a lot of the “must-have” items are really not must-haves and just create clutter in your house.  Truthfully, we don’t need most of the crap that we get at baby registries.  Here are some of my “must-haves.”  Each family situation will be different so you may have some different items.  

Baby Carrier:

  • Ring Sling or Wrap

Check out for awesome, custom made ring slings.

  • For wraps, look at Didymos, Girasol, Ellaroo, Storchenweige, Moby, etc. for a variety of materials and colorways.
    For additional information on babywearing, go to or go to Lookout Babywearers for more advice.Where will baby sleep?
    You could co-sleep saving money on baby bed and making your night times easier when nursing because you don’t have to leave the room.  What is co-sleeping?  Co-sleeping is where the baby shares your room.  Bed sharing is where the baby sleeps in your bed.  Make sure to practice safe sleeping habits no matter where your baby sleeps.  No crib bumpers in crib, keep pillows away from baby and make sure that parents haven’t been drinking or taking any cold medicines if baby is bed sharing.

    Sleep Gear:

  • Swaddling blankets- Make sure to get the extra large ones
  • Parent’s Bed
  • Arm’s Reach Co-sleeper
  • Pack and play
  • Crib set up in bedroom with either organic mattress or use a mattress wrap/wool blanket

 Car Seats:
It’s simple, skip the expense of the bucket car seats…the ones with the handle that people always improperly have set up in their cars.  They are heavy, cumbersome and a babies oxygen levels are actually depressed when in car seats for extended periods of time.  Invest in a baby carrier for going out and about.  Spend the money on a good convertible car seat, we have the Britax Roundabout and Boulevard.  There are other great brands, find what works best for your car and situation.

Diapers/Elimination Communication:
Cloth diapers save a lot of money and you have fewer blowout poop issues when using cloth.  At home we use a combination of prefolds with covers and pocket diapers.  Go to for more cloth diapering information or head over to The Little Twig for Cloth Diapering 101.

Diaper Gear:

  • Prefolds
  • Pockets
  • Covers
  • Snappis (optional)
  • Hemp inserts for pockets
  • Make your own cloth diapers and wipes
  • Diaper sprayer for cloth diapers
  • Diaper pail for dirty diapers
  • Get a good book on Elimination Communication to save a few diapers
  • Potty seat
  • Cloth diaper bag to store diapers in
  • Changing Table (Although it doesn’t need to be an actual table, we have one, but I got it cheap and it is in our bathroom right next to our toilet)
  • Changing Pad

Truthfully, for little babies, I think strollers are really optional. As they get bigger, a jogging stroller can be great to go walking with, especially with heavy toddlers. For little babies, I like to use my carriers. Umbrella strollers are great at places like Disney because they take up little space, but give toddlers a place to take a break without the parents getting all sweaty from Florida heat.


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