New Parent Products: Clothes, Feeding, Bath Time, Part III

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New parents, there is no need for you to register for clothes.  People with give you too many and in too small of sizes.  For whatever reason so many people like to only buy 0-3 months clothes.  My children grow out of that size within the first month.  If you like consignment sales, please refrain from buying entire wardrobes of clothes in the 0-3 month size or even 3-6 month sizes.  You will have too many clothes, taking up too much space, and you will never get them to wear it all.  Plus if you develop a favorite outfit, you may only get the kid to wear it once because you have so many outfits.  Babies are pretty simple in their clothing needs.  A little onesie or t-shirt, maybe a pair of pants or baby legs and some socks and you are set.  Massive jackets are unnecessary and if you do put a bulky jacket on them, you will need to take it back off if you put them in the car seat.  Car seats are designed for the straps to be as close to the child as possible and jackets affect the way a car seat works.


  • Sleep Gowns for easy diaper changing
  • Amber Teething Necklace (Like those from Inspired by Finn)
  • Onesies
  • Burp cloths
  • Organic cotton tops and pants
  • Baby socks
  • No need for baby mittens-learn to clip their nails or just use the socks on their hands
  • Cute homemade baby hats are a must-have just because they are adorable and I like to knit them
  • Soft soled shoes like Robeez to keep socks on or to protect their feet if you let them crawl on concrete…guilty here
  • Wool longies, soakers or shorties are great if cloth diapering and they look really cute
  • Nursing tops for moms are optional

Bath Time:
A baby bath tub is short lived for us.  I just hold the baby in the water. Once they are able to sit up, then they can be in the regular tub with you sitting next to them.  A non-slip bath mat is very useful though and we have them in both bath tubs.

Please use the cosmetics database to check  the safety ratings of the chemicals in products you use on your baby. You would be surprised at what is allowed in baby products.  Remember that babies can be cleaned with just water, no need for massive amounts of soap. I only use soap on the boys if they got into a lot of dirt or have food smeared all over their hair. Play toys in the bath should be simple and inspire fun. Some measuring cups and funnels work great as bath toys for older babies


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