New Parent Products: Feeding, Miscellaneous, Medicines & Cosmetics, Part IV

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  • 1 or 2 bottles for feeding breast milk while mom is away-We use Earthlust Stainless Steel Bottles for Nick, with Liam we used the Adiri Bottle. You also want to refrain from buying a bunch of one type of bottle, you don’t know which kind your child will prefer.
  • Snack cups or bags that keep food from going everywhere
  • Real silverware, we got ours from IKEA and the boys love them
  • High chair (collapsible ones are great and can be attached to existing chairs)-No need for high chairs that lean back and recline.  If your baby can’t sit up on it’s own, it doesn’t need adult food, just keep feeding it breast milk.  Buy used and find ones that are easy to clean.
  • A few bibs are handy or just learn to take babies shirt off for ease of cleaning.Miscellaneous Gear:
  • Baby blanket-preferably made by a family member or friend
  • Three crib sheets if using a crib
  • A few receiving blankets for burp cloth use
  • A rocking chair or rocker glider for parent and baby, we love ours and I miss it when we go out of town
  • Exercise/Birth Ball to bounce baby on when burping or getting baby to sleep
  • Baby monitor (optional-we didn’t have one until second child was about 6 months old, purchased used for $5)  If baby is sleeping close to you, you might want a monitor during naps when you are doing something on opposite side of the house or some yard work right outside
  • Humidifier
  • Pacifiers-(optional) Some babies have an intense need to suck and they aren’t hungry, not a must-have but more of a wait and see what your baby needs
  • White noise machine-(optional) Some parents swear by them, I’ve never used one, but we typically have a fan going in our room which is the same effect.
  • Piddle Pads or something like them (optional but nice with a potty learning child or if using disposables and have frequent diaper blowouts) I was resistant to get something like this, I even tried making my own, but these really do work very well at protecting the car seat, saving us time from  washing the entire car seat cover
  • Toys-Haba is a great brand, play silks are fun for all ages, anything handmade.
  • Backpack–use as a diaper bag, easier to carry
  • Baby bouncer (optional) is nice when taking a shower and need a place to put the baby.
  • Mobile (optional)-we put ours on the changing table to keep the baby occupied during diaper changes


  • Breast Milk works wonders on lots of ailments
  • Homeopathic Teething Drops/Tablets
  • Elderberry for older children
  • Eucalyptus Oil for congestion-use in shower or humidifier
  • Saline Drops for congestion
  • Bulb syringe for excess snot
  • Almond oil for baths if skin is dry
  • Olive Oil for Meconium poop-it keeps poop from sticking to baby bottom
  • Infant Ibuprofen (however these things tend to get recalled every so often) We let our children have a fever for a while before giving anything. Sometimes we never give a fever reducer. Fever is useful to help in healing.
  • A thermometer that measures temp quickly. (I can typically tell by touch though when baby has a fever)

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