New Parent Products: The Things You Don’t Need, Part V

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We live in a buy buy buy society.  So of course people are going to try and get you to purchase their products and contraptions.  Some things are just silly and other things, we just know that they aren’t as good for you now.  You may find something on this list that was a must have for your family, we all have different things that are important for us.
Things You Don’t Need:

  • Baby Powder-Not good for babies lungs
  • Baby Oil-Mineral oil is a petroleum based product can cause skin irritation
  • Johnson and Johnson Bath Soaps-Babies smell good with just water, the fragrances in those cleaners are not good for your baby
  • Bucket Car Seat-The amount of time that you use them is so short, spend the money on a nice convertible car seat
  • Pee Pee TeePee– stupid invention, if your baby pees every time you change their diaper, be proactive and hold them over a potty instead!
  • Baby Bjorn/Snugli–Yup, I’m not a fan, for the money go get a nice wrap.  Baby Bjorn’s get really uncomfortable around 15 lbs, cause back strain and put the babies in a non-ergonomic position
  • Womb Bear—Another waste of money, just hold your baby to your chest, they will be happier in your arms then laying next to a bear that makes wooshing sounds.
  • Desitin Diaper Cream or Butt Paste- If breast milk isn’t working for you, go online and look up homemade recipes
  • Signs for your stroller that say don’t touch the baby–This is just another waste of money and better yet, just tell people instead of being passive aggressive
  • Knee Pads for crawling baby…really, this is a product!
  • A Child Leash
  • Baby wigs 
  • Shopping cart covers–If you are worried about baby comfort, use a baby blanket
  • Hard Soled Baby Shoes
  • Sleep Positioners
  • The WhyCry baby crying analyzer….once again….stupid, just listen to your baby, stop depending on machines to take care of your baby.
  • Excess baby clothing
  • A wipe warmer- To me, if your baby is dependent on warm baby wipes, what are you going to do when you are out and about and you don’t have the warmer right there.  For a kinder option to your baby, you could use cloth wipes which are warmer with a squirt of water on them or a diaper wipe solution.
  • Swing- They take up too much space and babies outgrow them quickly however if you can find one really cheap or someone lets you borrow it, then go for it.
  • An Exersaucer-Once again they take up too much space, let the baby play on the floor. Thankfully, my husband never liked them because he didn’t think they were good for their hip development.  I was thankful to have one less item in our house.
  • Crib bumpers
  • Walker-Babies will use whatever to cruise around.  We have a push toy that acts as a walker.  I’m referencing the devices where you place the baby in them and then they walk around “protected” by the edges of the walker.
  • Bath seat
  • Baby food mill or baby food maker-Just have the baby eat what you eat, no need to process foods, if you worry about baby choking on food, you can mash things with a fork
  • Mommy hook
  • Changing Pad covers-you will end up constantly changing them because of pee and poop.  We opted to use an extra cloth diaper and if it got poop on it, we would throw it into the diaper pail

2 thoughts on “New Parent Products: The Things You Don’t Need, Part V

    Alicia Anderson said:
    February 21, 2011 at 3:22 am

    Love this page, but I do have to say that I found a creative way to use the Sleep positioner at night. When Bjorn would come to bed with me to nurse I was able to put him in the positioner and fall asleep with him while nursing without worrying about him rolling off the bed. I realize that I could have used a couple blankets, but found the transition was smoother by just having that ready to go and getting also got a few extra winks myself. It was by no means a “must have” but a very “conveinent to have” kind of thing. Would just cover it with a blanket or diaper to keep it clean too. 🙂

    leahkathlyn said:
    February 22, 2011 at 2:53 pm

    Stroller signs. Just…wow.

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