Hypnobabies Cheet Sheet for Birthing Day

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Hypnobabies Cheat Sheet for Birthing Day

(Disclaimer: This is not an official Hypnobabies answer.  This is just from someone’s personal experience and I thought it would be beneficial to share with other Hypno-Moms and Birth Partners)

These are only ideas and suggestions, do what feels right to you!

HBCB = Hypnobabies Course Book

QRB/BPG = Quick Reference Book / Birth Partner Guide

PW = Pressure Waves

BOP = Bubble of Peace 


What if my water breaks before my Birthing Time Starts? HBCB p.132, QR p.21  

Is this really IT?

Not sure if your birthing time is beginning? Change your activity, if it really is your birthing time the PW will get longer AND stronger AND closer together. Time them! See HBCB bottom of p.133

Early birthing time (PW 7-15 min apart and lasting less than a minute)

*** Stay hydrated, pee every hour, change positions every hour! 

Night time: Sleep!  If you can’t sleep listen to Deepening or fav CD and rest as much as possible. 

Day time: do normal activity, if tired REST. You can go on a walk… but don’t over do it!  If it is really your birthing time things will progress no matter what you do or don’t do.  

●      Use PEACE cue to stay comfortable while you switch is on. 

●      You can also be in center to stay comfortable while moving around.

●      Of course you can listen to a CD and use your fingerdrop too! 

●      Listen to Birthing Day Affirmations and a Fear Release.

If a mom is having discomfort in her back
Read Posterior Challenge for tips to help. QR p.25 & 27

Remember also the Belly Lift!

Active birthing time (PW lasting at least 45 seconds and getting closer than 7 min apart)
***Stay hydrated, pee every hour, change positions every hour! 

Use finger drop to turn off during PW if in a supported position
Also use PEACE cue, listen to CD’s and use center switch to move around easily.

Moving to birth location HBCB p.137

When?  4-1-1 is a good guide.  1 hour of PW 4 minutes apart, lasting at least a minute.

If this is not your first baby, you may want to go at 5 or 6 min apart.

What? Turn off and say deeper and deeper.  Turn to Center, move to car and listen to Birth Guide track with headphones in your car. Put on your BOP upon arrival at location

After arriving at birth location

When you get to your birth place, remember BOP! Keep listening to Birth Guide with headphones and let Birth Partner answer as many questions as possible, so you can stay focused.

Birth Partner remember you are the Hypno-Guardian!

Use your center switch to communicate and stay comfy. 
Ask for a nurse who enjoys NCB.
Sign on door and Share Birth Plan
Also ask for extra pillows. You will need them. Use them to help Mom stay comfortable.

Transformation (PW lasting up to 2 min and coming closer and closer together) HBCB p.168
This is the time when mom may ask for “More” This is the cue to the Birth Partner to ADD something for mom. (any of these – Relax Cue, CD, Peace Cue, Birth Prompts) 

Remind Mom, “Baby is Almost here!”
Tell Mom, “You are doing great!”
Have mom focus on one PW at a time, relaxing and welcoming the powerful waves, as they bring your baby into your arms. 
Use deepening techniques (see below) to go deeper relaxed.
Moms might really like Birth Partner to read mini scripts from QRB/BPG now. (see p’s below).

Pushing HBCB p.170

Put on your Push your Baby Out track on Birth Guide CD. 

If mom has “lip of cervix left” with strong urge to push, you can ask care provider to manually help her dilate the last little bit. Or switch to different position can help also.

When your baby is crowning, you can push your baby out between PW. 
Remind care providers about episiotomy and cord choices etc.

Hypnobabies Tools



Sample play list for Birthing Time  (this is only idea… listen to what YOU want.)  

Birthing Day Affirmations

Fear Release


Special Place (or your favorite CD)

Easy First Stage and Pushing Your Baby Out

Basic Tools and Cues


●      Finger Drop – In supported position, turn off, going completely limp and loose.

●      Center Switch – After turning off, count to 2 and go to center.  You can open your eyes, walk and talk, from the top of your breasts to the middle of your thighs will be relaxed and comfortable.

●      Peace – saying PEACE out loud or in your mind with your lightswitch in any position (off, on or center) allows you to move and strengthen your anesthesia.

●      Release – verbal cue to bring you into hypnosis.  You or your birth partner can say it.   (can use instead of or with finger drop)

●      Open, open, open – Saying this can help cervix to open.

Deepening Tools and Cues: 

●      Relax – Birth Partner says relax while pressing gently on forehead or firmly on your shoulder, this helps to deepen your relaxation and hypnosis.

●      Counting Down from 5 to 1 – Brings you deeper into hypnosis. Great for refocusing.

●      Special Place – Having your birth partner describe your special place and imagining yourself there can also help you go deeper. 

Birth Partner Mini Scripts: (Read to mom if she wants)

●      1st Stage: QRB/BPG p.40

●      Between Pressure Waves: QRB/BPG p.41

●      Transformation: QRB/BPG p.42

●      Beginning Pushing: QRB/BPG  p.43

●      Exhale Pushing: QRB/BPG p.43 

Change of Plan Script: 

If something unexpected comes up Birth Partner can read script QRB/BPG p.44-45


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