Goal changing

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So I’ve started to get back into a workout routine.  I like setting goals and right before my 30th birthday I wrote down a bunch of goals to complete during my 30th year.  At the top of my list was complete a marathon.  As I’ve gotten back into running a bit, I don’t think that goal should be within this year.  Maybe it is just self-doubt, but I know my body and I have a feeling that if I train for a marathon, my IT bands will be begging me to stop.  I’ve done a few different races in the past.  A handful of 5K’s, one 4-miler, one half-marathon and two triathlons.  After the half-marathon I felt great but thought, that is far enough for me. 

Almost five years later, I thought, I should do a marathon.  I was excited about the prospect.  Then I started to run again.  My running has been going well, but when I decided to run in a pair of new shoes the other day and my IT band started to flare up.  I remembered that after I did the half-marathon, I was in PT trying to get it back into shape.  I’ve run in my VFF’s but don’t think that I want to run a marathon in them.  I hate trying to find a second pair of shoes because I don’t want to get injured trying to find the right ones.

I returned the shoes that I had purchased and went back to barefoot/VFF running.  I also think that my body prefers triathlons or maybe just half-marathons.  Tri’s are great for me because I get to work a variety of muscles, never beating one set to death.  I have a few tri’s in mind for this year, one, I get a tie-dye shirt.  I’m contemplating the Chickamauga Battlefield Half-Marathon. It falls shortly after my 31st birthday, but I will count it since I will have to train in my thirtieth year. 

My plan is to cross train my lifting weights, doing plyometrics, riding my bike, swimming and running (trail, barefoot and some road).  I plan to do lots of stretching too, to keep myself injury free.

I’ve gotten some new running gear recently and thought I would share my new running outfits.  Having the right clothes that make you feel good about yourself while you are running is always helpful.

After my almost 3.5 mile run
Running Skirt…so much fun to run in


2 thoughts on “Goal changing

    Holly said:
    February 27, 2011 at 6:25 pm

    Your skirt is sooo cute!!! I don’t think I could ever run in shoes again. I have enough of a hard time wearing them for other stuff.

    lahancock responded:
    February 27, 2011 at 7:07 pm

    I’m getting that way too Holly. My husband keeps wanting me to try running in his shoes or something else, but after the other day with the “minimalist” shoe and my knee pain flared up right after the run, I’m very hesitant. I want to do some trail running though and I’m not sure about the VFF’s for that terrain.

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