Evelyn Virginia’s Birth

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Melora was kind enought to allow me to share her recent Hypnobabies birth story.  She was in my January/February 2011 class series and I loved getting to know Melora and Justin. Here is baby Evelyn Virginia’s arrival story.

2 Days Before:

On Tuesday March 8th, I had an appointment with my midwife.  We were both excited to see my blood pressure at a normal level since it had been elevated recently.   My midwife and I talked about how a couple of her other new mom’s had delivered the night before and how she was hoping to have no more drama for the next few weeks. I assured her that she did not have anything to worry about with us. 

1 Day Before:

On Wednesday March 9th I went to work as usual.  It was a pretty busy work day.  It started at 8am and I did not arrive home from work related activities until 5:30.  I had felt tired all day and was having lots of practice waves (aka Braxton Hicks).  I noticed the high frequency but still only pressure with little to no discomfort whatsoever.  I had taken a student to an appointment off campus and ran a few errands while I waited.  I went to the pharmacy to get my prescriptions filled that I would need for the birth.  The pharmacy only had one available so I planned to stop by to get the other two later in the week.   I also went to Publix to get a few items I needed for dinner with my small group.  I was so excited to find that my favorite cereal, cranberry juice, and cookies were on-sale because these items were ones that I wanted to have on hand for the birth. So, I stocked up. 

The Night Of:

As soon as I arrived home at 5:30 pm from the grocery store, I had to get busy cleaning up after our dog, Shady, because he found his way into some paint and it was spread on to the carpet.  I hurried to put a salad together for small group dinner and rushed out the door at 6pm.  I was pleasantly surprised at small group as they had a little shower for Justin, me, and Evie.  The cupcakes were so great!  We finally got back home at 9:30pm and hurried to get ready for bed since we were so tired and wanted to get a good night’s sleep.  I finally lay down around 10:30pm and remember quickly falling asleep.

The Start:

 At 11pm I awoke feeling something strange dripping in the bed.  I dismissed it as something else and fell back to sleep.  At 11:30 I woke up and realized that the bed was very wet and asked Justin to help me get to the bathroom, dripping all the way.  Good thing we had already put a plastic table cloth on the bed on Sunday.  After going to the bathroom I easily recognized that my water bag had ruptured and I was having a “bloody show”.  I felt like I should make Michelle, our midwife, aware that everything was starting before the night got any later.  Michelle and I talked briefly and she encouraged us to try to rest through the night and to call her first thing in the morning to give an update on my progress.  Since we figured we would be in the “Early First Stage” through the night we decided to wait to call our family in the morning too. Justin and I went back to bed.  I put in the “deepening hypnosis” script to try and calm my mind so I could rest.

 I wanted to save the “birthing day” scripts for later because I figured I would be doing all this for a while.  The track is about 35 minutes long and when it was complete I was still awake.   So, I went on to listen to the “Birthing Day Affirmations” script.  I wanted to allow Justin to sleep so I relocated to the recliner in the living room so I could time the pressure waves and listen to the script.  I noticed I never seemed to have pressure waves shorter than about 8 minutes apart.  Most were like 4 minutes though.  The “Birthing Day Affirmations” script was about 40 minutes long.  When I finished, I sat quietly timing waves and using my hypnosis through each one.

Pressure Waves:

 At around 2am, I got up to go to the bathroom between pressure waves .  While in the bathroom the waves got stronger and stronger.  I called to Justin to help me because I felt I could not move to another location without him.  Over the next hour we tried everything to make me comfortable.  I leaned against the washer, leaned against the couch, etc.  Each pressure wave seemed like it was right on top of the other.  It did not seem like more than 30 seconds before I would feel another one coming on.   Justin suggested that we try getting into the shower to let the water calm me down.  All I wanted to do was to be on all fours.  The hard surface of the bathtub made this very hard so I did not stay in the shower very long.  I relocated to the bed and tried lying on my side through a few waves.

 Justin was so great.  He kept saying the words “open”, “peace”, and  “relax” through each wave.  I kept hearing him remind me of how good I was doing.  I did not feel like I was doing that good.  Because each wave was right on top of the other I was not successfully using my “off” switch and did not feel like I was using hypnosis at all. I eventually moved to all fours on the bed, laying over a stack of pillows.  I leaned back onto a towel with each pressure wave.   Justin gently rubbed my back and also applied counter pressure on my lower back.  Even though I did not have any “back labor” the pressure on my low back felt so great. 

Calling the Mid-wife:

 I asked Justin to call Michelle at around 3:30am.  He walked out of the room briefly to talk to her.  When he came back in to ask a question I remember yelling “Michelle, please just come.”  They quickly got off the phone and Justin assured me that she was on her way.  I was hoping to see her in on hour or less.  The next hour seemed to be the longest and shortest hour of my life.  Each pressure wave was very intense and with almost each one, I felt an overwhelming desire to push.  With many of the waves, my body pushed without me being able to control it.  At this time, I felt some fear that my body was making me push before I was complete.  I did not want to jeopardize my cervix by pushing prematurely but I just could not control it for the most part. 

Feeling Pushy:

Michelle arrived at around 4:45am.  Justin helped her get her equipment and supplies into the apartment and Michelle used the Doppler to check on Evelyn’s heartbeat.  I held my breath until I heard it beating on the monitor.  Michelle assured me she was doing great.  They quickly started setting everything up.  Through each wave, Justin and Michelle were encouraging me and telling me that I was doing exactly what I needed to do.  As soon as she felt more prepared and sterile she asked me to get on my back so that she could check to see if I was completely dilated.  I resisted for fear that this would make all the discomfort worse and harder to control the desire to push.  As soon as she checked she easily felt our baby’s head.  She let me know that I was completely dilated and that I could begin pushing my baby out as soon as I was ready.  Feeling slightly fearful I tried to follow exactly what my body was telling me to do, PUSH!!!. 

Getting Close:

Michelle let me know that Debbie (the additional midwife) was on her way and together she and Justin helped her find her way to the apartment.  Michelle let me know that if I wanted my babies head to come out I would need to lift my leg.  At this point my legs were so shaky that I felt I would not be able to hold it up on my own.  In my mind I had already given Debbie a job before she arrived.  I kept waiting because I wanted her to help me hold my leg up.  I did not want Justin to leave my side to even help with my leg.  As I remember Debbie walking in she quickly grabbed my leg and I began more aggressive pushing with each pressure wave.  As many other moms have described, I felt a very distinctive “ring of fire”.  I tried to wait with each pressure wave to push to allow my body to stretch naturally.  At this point I did not care if I tore or not, I just wanted to have our baby out.  I remember talking to Evelyn asking her to come on.  I also remember calling out to God, asking Him to give me to strength and to help me to do what I needed to do.  His power really is made perfect in our weakness.  I don’t remember how many pressure waves it took to push her out, but it did not seem to take long.  I tried to reach down and feel her little head a few times but I did not want to get too scared by feeling how close we were to meeting her.

Evelyn’s Arrival:

 After her head came out, with the next pressure wave I felt a terrible feeling as if I were going to “poo” all over the bed.  As soon as I vocalized this out slid her little body and she was on my belly within one second.  The rush of emotion was almost unbearable.  Looking at her for the first time, I felt like I had known her forever.  Justin reminds me that I kept saying “No way Jose”.  It was unbelievable.  It was just too great to be true. It was almost too unbelievable that our beautiful daughter was actually here. 

Within a few minutes Michelle was instructing me on what I needed to do to help deliver the placenta.  I was trying to wait for another pressure wave to push it out.  The cord was short so I could not hold Evelyn as close as I wanted to.  I was glad when the cord stopped pulsing and Justin cut the cord.  I got to pull her up closer to my face to see her better.  As soon as I delivered the placenta Michelle was asking Justin to bring me some juice.  Good thing I had gotten some at the store the day before.  She also asked what I would like to eat.  I quickly said a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.  All while still holding our minutes old baby on my chest, Michelle was feeding me a delicious PB&J.  Evelyn was actually here!  Debbie and Michelle ran around the room doing various things to clean us up. 

Peaceful Recovery:

Eventually they moved me to the bathtub to soak in my herbal “sitz” bath.  The warm water felt great and it was even greater when they brought Evelyn in to enjoy it with me.  When we were done they moved us to the bedroom and put on clean clothes.  Michelle gave Evie her newborn exam and weighed her.  She was a perfect 7 pounds.  She measured in at 19 and ¾ inches long.  She received an Apgar Score of 10 and 10.  Absolutely perfect!

I did have a small tear that Michelle had to stitch up.  Other than the awkward position this was not as bad as I thought.  Michelle used a bit of Lidocaine.  With this, hopefully I would be as good as new in a few weeks. 

Before leaving, Michelle went over the postpartum instructions and scheduled an appointment to see us the next day.  When she left Justin and I enjoyed Evelyn alone in our home before the whirlwind of visitors started to arrive. 


Evelyn’s birth was exactly what we had hoped for.  I could not have even imagined doing it any other way.  For all those Hypno-babies Momma’s;  I never listened to early first stage or pushing baby out.  It all happened so quickly.  However, I truly believe that the Hyno-babies program  I practiced over the past several months prepared me to give birth to our daughter with as much ease as possible.  I am grateful for Hypno-babies. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to give birth exactly the way that God created my body to do, beautifully and unmedicated.   I am grateful to Michelle and Debbie my midwives.  I am forever grateful to my husband, Justin.  I could not have done it without you.  I am grateful to God.  He makes all things new.  He is life and He creates life. 


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