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Liam is almost 3.5 years old, therefore he is hilarious. 

The other day he told us that to get ground beef, there is a hole in the cow and you reach in and pull out the meat.  At least he knows which animal it comes from.

This weekend he asked about a truck that was driving by us.  I told him it was a chicken truck.  The truck was loaded down with hundreds of chickens, headed to the downtown processing facility.  He asks, “Why is it a chicken truck?”  Well, uhh, “Because it has chickens in it,” was my response.  He asked where they were going and I told him they were going to be processed so that people could eat them, although we probably wouldn’t be eating those chickens.  We get our chickens from somewhere else.  Liam then proceeded to tell us that he did not want those chickens to go to the downtown place and that he wanted to have a farm…right over there (pointing to another spot in downtown) and that the chickens could live there.  That made me smile.  I asked Liam if he wanted to live on a farm.  He said yes.  I hope we can make him happy one day.

Liam nightly asks for “SMOOTHIES!!!! smoothies, smoothies.”  We try to appease him, but he is not eating as much dinner because he is anticipating the smoothies.  I added some veggies last night to the drink so that he would at get a few more nutrients.

We’ve been working with him on understanding patience and time.  We have a big clock up in our kitchen.  Damon was trying to explain to him that it was almost 9 o’clock.  Liam goes away and comes back a few minutes later and Damon asks what number the small hand is one.  Liam says, “Tuesday.”  Damon had been working with him on days of the week too.


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