Birth activist bubble of peace

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I love hearing birth stories, however, sometimes they truly stress me out. Not everyone cares how a baby makes it out of the womb, but as a woman that has experienced the glorious event of laboring and then pushing a baby out with my power and no interventions, it makes me sad and depressed to hear some women’s birth stories.

As a childbirth instructor, a lot people think it is okay to tell me all sorts of birth stories, some of them quite horrific. In Hypnobabies, we give moms a tool called the bubble of peace, during a hypnosis session. You get to visualize it in whatever way you want. Mine is like Buzz Lightyear’s shield and comes down over my face to protect me. It has a bubbly iridescence on it that makes me feel happy and peaceful. While pregnant , I used it often when people would try and tell me why home birth was dangerous,or why I should get an epidural. Other times it would be used when someone would tell me about a birth story that they had heard about. Since I am not pregnant now, I forget to use it. I still need to utilize the bubble of peace because my mind starts fret and worry about these mom’s whose births may not have been what I would consider ideal.

I’ve heard it enough, people saying at least the mom and baby are healthy, or you had the birth that You needed to have,but sometimes I just think that sucks. I know that God has different plans for different people, but why did God guide me to the public library to read those books on natural and home birth? Why have I had these amazing births with wonderful outcomes? I’m constantly thankful, when I hear of other women’s stories of pitocin births, vacuum extractions, unkind nurses, midwives, ob/gyns, lactation consultants, and cesareans. I know that sometimes these interventions are necessary, but as a birth activist and childbirth educator, my heart just aches for these women.

It is also hard for me to hear that the reason people are birth workers is because of their negative first experiences. As women and mothers, birth should be transformative, but I wish the transformation was coming from what I would consider a positive place.

I’m impassioned to learn as much as I can about birth and helping women achieve their dream birth.

Now I just need to figure out how to get my bubble of piece in place before the next story.


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