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Tornado Over Ringgold, Ga

Tornadoes ravaged Alabama, North Georgia, Tennessee and a few other areas on Wednesday, April 27th. My family is okay, praise God. Our home has only some cosmetic damage to it.

My heart hurts for these families that have lost loved ones. The loss of life is great in this area. The photos show homes leveled, debris everywhere. We’ve found insulation and siding in our yard. Neighbors have found checks from Huntsville, Alabama which is about 2.5 hours away from us. Please keep these families in your prayers. I wish I was out helping instead of at a desk typing.

On Tuesday night, Liam and I painted a canvas each. Liam’s painting has mixtures of reds, yellows, purples and more spread around in a very dramatic fashion. I asked him what his painting was called….he said, “Mean Storm.” He said that the yellow in the painting was lightning and that our house which was in the lower left hand corner (there is no real image of a house, he was just pointing to an area), he said would be safe. The other parts of the painting were not safe. We didn’t know what the storms would bring until the next day, I just worried that we had talked too much about the storms coming around him.

Last night, Thursday, Liam asked for a Jacob and the Bear story. He asked for the story about the angels bowling in Heaven, and that is what makes thunder and lightning. When I finished, he asked for another story. I asked him what he wanted the story to be about. He said, he wanted it to be about the Mean Storm and how Jacob died. I asked him if he knew what that would mean if Jacob died. I told him that if Jacob died, he would be in Heaven and he would be safe and happy, but he wouldn’t be able to talk to Bear anymore or see his mom or dad. He said he wanted Jacob to go bowling in Heaven and play with the Angels. I didn’t tell the story that way. I did not want one of the main characters of our stories to die. I did talk about where Jacob and the Bear would hide during a storm and where the “safe” places in the house would be. I talked about the sounds of the storms and that tornadoes look like the water swirling around as the bathtub drains, but with tornadoes, there is wind, rain and debris making the swirl. I did have Jacob’s house damaged some by the storm. I had part of the building pull apart so that they could see outside when they came out of hiding from their safe place.

I know that Liam is only three and a half, today in fact, but children do hear about events like this and they do have to have some sort of processing for it. I still don’t feel like I’m processing all the damage after seeing these photos. I’m so grateful that our family is safe, but my heart hurts for those that lost their loved ones on Wednesday.

Clouds over Chattanooga on Wednesday, April 27, 2011


April 27, 2011 Tornadoes


Lightning Seen From Outside Atlanta-Looking North


Damage in Birmingham, Alabama


Tuscaloosa, Alabama
Storm Cleanup in Northern Alabama
Devastation from Cherokee Valley Rd. Ringgold, Georgia
Tuscaloosa, Alabama




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