Daycare Guarantees Immunity and Socialization…So they say

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Let me say this first, I’m not bashing those that either need or want to have their child in day care. Each family’s situation is different and reasons for a child to be in day care are numerous.

It bugs me when people, even family members make comments that day care is good for a child because they “need” to socialize with other kids and it is good for them.

Have you met my children? You could put Liam or Nick in a crowd of other kids that they’ve never met and they would play wonderfully with them. When we go to the park, Liam asks, “Are my friends here?” My response is normally, “I don’t know, we’ll see.” Liam will then proceed to start playing with any child that is there and walks away from the event with a couple of new friends. Nick smiles and waves at anyone he meets, as long as he isn’t too sleepy. I do not thing my children have any issues with socialization and I kind of take offense when someone insinuates that my child can’t be social if he is not in a day care setting.

As for the immunity thing, I think people tell each other that it is great for the kids to be in day care for immunity reasons, to make them feel better about having to be away from them all day when most of them would probably rather be at home playing with their kids. Children get sick, so do adults. We get colds from many places: work, the grocery store, church, day care, etc.

It is funny to me, that some parents almost brag about their children’s immune systems being stronger because they are in day care. They will look at me and tell me, “Well, your child is going to have a heck of a time when he goes to school because he hasn’t built up his immune system!”

Uhhh, well, actually we plan to home school and while you vigorously wipe down that shopping cart with wet wipes and constantly use hand sanitizer, I let my kids chew on the shopping carts (without sanitizing them) and oh my gosh…play in the dirt, with no shoes on!!! GASP. I think Liam and Nick’s immune system will be fine, thank you.

One other beef about day cares; please stop referring to them as schools or academies. They are day cares, period. Just because you have a fancy name associated with it, does not mean that it is anything more than day care.

Getting off my soap box.


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