Warrior Dash-Mountain City, GA 2011

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We had a blast this weekend at the Warrior Dash in Mountain City, GA. It is a 5K race with muddy obstacles thrown in. You get to climb over tall fences and under barbed wire. There are tire obstacles and mesh rope obstacles. There is a watery muddy slide, fire pits to jump over and ponds to wade through. The run is mostly on trails which made it fun and challenging.

This race was very well organized with multiple start times over two days. At the finish, you get a medal, a viking hat and three beers (although since I was the one driving home I didn’t get to drink one…had a few sips).

If you want to feel like a kid again and get really dirty, you should sign up for one. Damon and I plan to do the one in Manchester, TN on September 17th. You should sign up too.  I wish that we would have dressed in costume.  Some people there were very creative in their outfits.  I also will need to remember that going head first down the gigantic wet slide is not a good idea.  I bruised my knees, pelvic bones and skinned up my elbows on that obstacle. Thanks to our friends Brandon and Kristen for watching our kiddos while we did this event.

Here are some of our post-race pictures.

Costume Contest Participant


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