Baby Sister

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No…I’m not pregnant.  Just wanted to get that out there for everyone. 

My sister-in-law (my brother’s wife) is due in July with a baby girl.  Liam is excited about this, but doesn’t quite understand how things work.  Our conversation went like this the other day;

Me: “So, Liam, Aunt Erin has a baby girl in her belly.  Cousin Drew is going to have a baby sister.”

Liam: “My, baby sister?”

Me: “No, it will be Drew’s baby sister, she will be your cousin.”

Liam: “No, Aunt Erin has two babies in her belly.  One is my baby sister and the other is Drew’s baby sister.”    Liam then smiles really big and shakes his head up and down because he has it all figured out.

Me: “Uhh, I’m pretty sure there is only one baby in there and it will be Drew’s baby sister.  If you want a baby sister, you need to pray to God that we will have our own baby girl one day.  We hope to have another baby, and it might be a baby girl, or it might be a baby boy.”

Liam: “I want both.  A baby brother and a baby sister.”

Me: “You have a baby brother, do you want two more babies in the family?”

Liam: “Yea!”

Then last night he was asking again for a baby sister.  I once again told him that he needed to pray to God for a baby sister if he really wanted one.  His eyes lit up when I said God.  He then said, “God in Heaven, where Nana Dena is?”  I said, “Yup, where Nana Dena is. You need to pray to God for another baby brother or baby sister and one day, maybe we will have one.”

Liam then proceeded to tell me that I had a baby in my head and it was moving down to my belly.  He traced the path from my head down to my stomach and patted my belly.  I asked, “So is that how baby’s get into my belly?” He said yes. 

 I replied, actually both mama and daddy help make a baby.  We each have a little part way inside us and those parts come together and hug and then a baby starts to form (I am referring to the egg and sperm here).  Liam then says that inside him, he has the baby’s legs and when daddy gets home, Mama and Daddy need to hug and then Liam needs to hug and we can have a baby sister. 

He was very matter of fact about all of it and it made me smile that he is trying to put together how it all works.


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