Carrier Fairy— Another Fantastic Round

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I participated in TBW ( carrier fairy again and this round has been awesome.  I love sewing and wish that I could do crafts all day long.  I love participating in this crafting event because you get to make a few items for someone that you do not know, you only know a few things about the person.  You know their likes and dislikes and then you try to create the best thing possible for them.  The other part of this DIY event is that it is secret, like Secret Santa.  I would love to post what I’ve made for my person, but then they might find out, so I will just post what I received. 

Liam and Nick received a few items too and they love them. 

Nick was a bit sleepy at this point.  He actually fell asleep with two golf balls from Liam’s present, while nursing.  Too cute.

We got HONEY!!!

My presents.

Nick entertaining himself with his brother’s present.

Pardon the blurriness, but the only picture I could get easily.

Liam took this photo.  Not bad.

The beautiful, padded ring sling, also known as a faux psling.  I love this blue and the linen is wonderful.

And my new podeagi, pod, korean babycarrier.

My fairy is a fantastic seamstress.  The quality of these carriers is amazing.  I need to learn from her.  I love participating with this group.


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