Hypnobabies and Vocal Birthing

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I’m loud when I birth a baby.  At least I sound loud from inside my head.  After Liam’s birth and using some HypnoBirthing techniques, I didn’t think that I had a hypnotic birth because I was loud.  I had noises coming from my mouth that I had never made before and I’m not sure that I want to make again.  It worked for me though and I think that I had a great water birth.

With Nicholas, I used Hypnobabies since I was a new instructor and all.  Driving home to birth your baby isn’t the best way to get into a fully hypnotic blissed out state that I saw in so many Hypnobabies videos.  I never got into deep hypnosis with Nick’s birth.  By the time I got home, I was almost at transformation, but I tried my best.  While driving home, I listened to the only track I could, the pregnancy affirmations track.  It doesn’t put you into a hypnotic state, but I knew that I needed to listen to something.

When I arrived home, I immediately got into our bathtub and popped the earbuds into my ears and listened so some of a script.  I needed to move again and I wanted to see my first born, so moved around.  When I went back downstairs, I once again, had the hypnosis tracks playing and I tried to turn my light switch to the off position.  It was hard though.  I roared like a wild animal through the waves, rocking my hips while on all fours.  I remember thinking to myself, I can understand why some women get an epidural.  Things were intense…not painful, but oh so intense.  My husband kept coming down to help put counter pressure on my hips and he even said the relax cue, placing his hand on my shoulder. 

Even though, we did not practice that cue like I ask my students to, it worked.  I melted down, remembering a lot from the scripts.  I don’t have any pictures of me during my birthing time.  It went so fast and my husband didn’t think to pull out the camera with all of his duties of keeping me happy, filling the birth pool and keeping a 2.5 year old happy.

I know that my birth wouldn’t have looked like a lot of the Hypnobabies videos.  I was loud.  I moaned through each wave, using that vocal energy to ride another wave.  I repeated the words, “open, open, open” to myself, over and over again. However, learning the hypnosis techniques and implementing them to best of my abilities for my birth worked great.  I believe the hypnosis scripts that I listened to on an almost nightly basis reprogrammed my brain to make my early birthing time so pleasant and comfortable.  Love Hypnobabies.


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