Unusual Reason for Vaginal Exam During Pregnancy

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I hope the person that told me this doesn’t mind me sharing, but I thought it was too funny. 

The pregnant mom was having a discussion with her sister about how she didn’t want to have any vaginal exams to tell her about how much her cervix had dilated and effaced.  The pregnant mom told her sister that dilation and effacement were not good indicators of when her birthing time would begin. 

Her sister’s response was (and I wasn’t there for the conversation so I don’t know the exact words), “But then you won’t be able to put in your daughter’s baby book how dilated you were!!!”

WHAT?  I haven’t looked at any baby books recently because I’m to lazy to do one, but is that a new category in there?  Have we gotten to the point that vaginal exams are so normal and just another part of pregnancy now, like ultrasounds and gestational diabetes tests that it is a “have to do” thing?  I started cracking up when I heard the baby book reason.  That was a new one for me and I read a lot of birth related articles and stories. 



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