Laughed so hard

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I had forgotten what it was like to laugh so hard it hurts. This weekend with my high school friends was very much needed and appreciated. They teased me about trying to get me to come out and play in the summer between seventh and eighth grade. They reminded me that I told them I said there were space aliens in my backyard so we couldn’t go skating on our homemade ice rink. We laughed at my friend Chad’s gawkiness in school and a few unmentionable moments. I smiled watching Chad, Helena and Eric play hacky sack with a soccer ball. I giggled with Emily, (who didn’t go to school with us, but it seems like she has been around us all forever.) I giggled while chatting to Helena as we tried to go to sleep and not wake the baby. I loved watching the children of my friends and hearing about their families back home.

I realized that I really miss them. I have some great friends where I live now, but these guys will know things about me that go way back. I loved my weekend with these people and I’m amazed that we all reconnected so quickly. I can’t wait for my next adventure. Most of all I can’t wait for the next time I laugh so hard my side hurts and try not to pee on myself in the process.


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