Damon’s 40th Birthday

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This is a little belated, but I surprised Damon with a trip to Nashville for his 40th birthday.  We went and had fun at Nashville Shores, thanks Mom for that treat. 

On Damon’s birthday he went and played golf and when he was done, we took the kids to my mom’s house.  It would be their first night sleeping over.  Then we went to an awesome restaurant called Tin Angel on West End Ave.  We had a nice leisurely dinner and then headed over to Centennial Park from some free Big Band dancing. 

All of this was a surprise for Damon.  I had clues in envelopes that I gave him all weekend long that would keep him guessing as to what we were doing. Unfortunately, our evening was cut a little short when my mom called to say that she was coming down with something and didn’t feel well.  So we went and got the boys and we all went back to my brother and sister-in-law’s house (Thanks Erin for letting us stay there while you guys were out of town) and we all climbed into bed and fell asleep quickly. 

Here are a few pictures from our awesome weekend.

We asked these people to help us take a photo and then we thought it would be funny to have them join us.



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